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I’m a talented and highly trained writer with a knack for communicating complex ideas in simple language and connecting with audiences. People often pause for a moment when I’ve made a point and tell me “huh! That’s really well put.” I’m also a good fella and people like me.

I’m a lifelong student who attacks new areas of knowledge with gusto. I love technology and culture, and especially love to think about where these two categories converge. When I know how to explain a complex concept in simple terms, then I know I’ve got it.

In my spare time I am an award-winning amateur stand-up comedian. I love to write material that lands. Public speaking is the second most common fear – more people are more afraid of standing in front of a crowd and giving a talk than they are of death. I do it for fun.
Public speaking, that is. Not dying.

Knowing that something I’ve written has connected with someone gives me a charge like you can’t imagine. I love it when a joke lands, or when I succinctly outline a thought that someone has been trying hard to articulate.

I bring that desire – to communicate effectively – to my professional life, crafting original, concise, and sometimes funny content that identifies and speaks to the needs of your customers and clients, promoting your product while establishing firm, authentic relationships with your user base.

Kyle's Best Fit

I’m looking to connect with small to medium sized companies where I can really make an impact, establishing and building an honest connection with a user base while developing a story for the brand.

KYle's Awards & Accomplishments

SSHRC Graduate Funding Doctoral Research

ABD PhD Simon Fraser University, dissertation on interface and psychoanalysis

SSHRC Graduate Funding Masters Research

MA Memorial University, thesis on psychoanalysis and meaning in communication

Kyle has been a favoured resource since he started working with me. Self-directed, capable, and dedicated to making sure he’s doing good work right, I struggle to think of a situation in which I wouldn’t recommend him.
— Bryce Bladon, EiC Clients From Hell
Kyle is a talented writer with a knack for creating targeted web copy that’s engaging and informative. I had the pleasure working with him for around 8 months, during which he wrote close to 40,000 words of original content for my company. He always followed directions to a tee and never missed a deadline. He would be an asset to anyone in need of professional writing services. 
— Joe Pooley, Communications Specialist Digital Hospitality

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Kyle's Specializations

Copy writing and editing, storytelling and brand development, digital content management: WordPress, Tumblr and other publishing platforms, Newsletter management, B2C communications, Social media management

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Clients From Hell, Digital Hospitality, Simon Fraser University FASS, Medium Difficulty