Krisztina Kun

Graphic designer and web developer with over 15 years experience in communications and community engagement. I got my start in print design as an in-house graphic designer at the Vancouver Public Library and later at Vancouver Community College.

I started making websites in Wordpress almost a decade ago and went on to learn web development at HackerYou's intensive web development bootcamp. I now focus my work in print and on the web with organizations who are working on social justice campaigns.

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Krisztina's Best Fit

Non-profits, unions, public-sector organizations, co-operatives, artists and businesses looking to make a difference

Awards and Accomplishments

Gold: Infographics - MarCom Awards 2014 (Vancouver Community College), Platinum: Photography and Advertising - MarCom Awards 2013 (Vancouver Community College), Community Connections Award - City of Vancouver 2013 (Vancouver Public Library)

Krisztina's Specializations

Graphic Design, Web Design, UX, Infographics, Wordpress 

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City of Vancouver, Unifor, Canadian Mental Health Association, Living Wage for Families Campaign, Alberta Health Services, HUB Cycling Coalition, BC Libraries Cooperative


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