Katie Goodz

Hi! I'm Katie, a designer, business owner, fierce worker & passionate optimist dedicated to helping you reach your design, creative and marketing needs.

I spend everyday solving problems. These challenges run from getting a 7 year old dressed and to school on time, myself dressed and to meetings on time, and answering the design needs for clients. However, I believe that all of these challenges fall into the same category - creative problem solving.

I use the same tools to tackle everything in my life that I have learned from my time spent in the design/advertising industry. There are many ways to solve creative challenges, it’s a matter of weighing all the variables (time, urgency, budgets). We don’t need to map out all of the variables of getting a young girl to school in the morning, they are quite obvious. However, answering the design needs of clients and having those crucial messages reach the public are finely honed skills that I take pride in owning. 

I started my career in Toronto working primarily with not-for-profit organizations including, SickKids, Casey House AIDS Hospice, and Big Brothers/Sisters. It was an amazing way to enter the world of design and advertising. Not only were the timelines tight and the budgets tighter, the client interactions and overall messages we were ‘selling’ were priceless. I’ve been spoiled to encounter such memorable experiences helping to improve lives through design. I have been working as a designer and creative director for the last 16 years. I am no stranger to timelines, last minute changes, busy team meeting, errors, and ‘oops!’ moments. However, I love everything design, it makes life better in every way.

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Clients of a variety of sizes, small to large who need thoughtful, quality design help. If you like working with a passionate, experienced, highly skilled and excellent communicator, then we will get along famously! If you are making a difference in your community, the arts, the environment, or are a non-profit, then this is a match made from above.  

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Creative Director, Art Director, Concept Development, Branding, Naming and Identity design, Advertising, Creative Strategy, Campaign Development, All Print Design and Production, Website Auditing and Design, Annual Report Design, Signage, Multi-page Layout, Typography

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Dalhousie University, Saint Mary’s University, Assante Hydrostone, Bent Ridge Winery, Edunova, Genome Atlantic, Lebanese Chamber of Commerce, Planet Paws, Make-a-Wish®, Saint John Ale House, Toro Taco, Barred Rock Chicken, Mezza Restaurant, Mosaik Properties, The Dillon, NSLC, Rosborough Boats, Signature Health, Templeton Properties, Your Father’s Moustache, CBCF, Canadian Red Cross, SOPA, Wind4All, Nova Scotia Golf, Bird Stairs, NS Health Network, College of Paramedics, WorldView Intelligence, Zuppa Theatre, Hired Hippo, Eye Centre, Le Petit Voilier, Find Storage Fast, Fiddleheads Kids Shop