As a writer, strategist, and published author, I bring brand reinvention, strategy, and award-winning narrative to aspirational and established companies around the world from the shores of Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia.

A client once said: “Kate writes like someone who’s never read marketing content before.” I’ve been crowing about that ever since. When we start fresh, peeling back all the habitual assumptions about what makes your brand matter, we become more human. We start having conversations. We tell stories with a corporate voice that's more thoughtful and resonant. That's where white space—clarity, confidence, good composition—begins. Starting fresh. That's how it is for every agency, startup, or corporate gorilla alike.



“Kate’s concept design, expression, art direction, and execution is invaluable. She has a way of unearthing the unexpected by making lateral leaps into fresh territory. So much ground is trodden, but she creates a new path. I’ve worked with Kate for years, and can’t imagine not having her at-hand for any creative or ambitious project. She’s got an incredible eye, and jumps very quickly from scribbled notes to something brilliant. As soon as I begin something new, Kate is the first person I call. She’s a must-have for truly great work.”
— Sarah Dickinson, Managing Director, THNK School of Creative Leadership
“Kate has an incredible capacity for expressing complexity in an engaging way. On top of that, she is an absolute pleasure to work with.”
— Michael Fergusson, CEO, Ayogo Inc.
“Kate is fresh, engaging, conversational and incredibly creative—masterful like no other marketing writer I’ve ever worked with.”
— Brian Mitchinson, SVP, Blast Radius
“Kate is undoubtedly one of the most tremendous writers I have worked with. She can jump into anything with almost immediate self-sufficiency, independence, and insight.”
— Jennifer Torney, Senior Vice President & Partner, Fleishman Hillard
“Kate is much more than a writer. She is also a brilliant and tactful strategist. Her questions force you to confront your own blind spots, and her suggestions provide insight and impact. And she has the uncommon ability to craft powerful metaphors that clarify, entertain and inspire. These talents truly set her apart.”
— Tom McNamara, Small Business Marketing Consultant

KaTE's Specializations

Brand, Creative + Messaging Strategy, Copywriting, Creative Writing, Brand Journalism, Web + Social Media Content, Advertising

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From Fast Company to Whole Foods (noted by the James Beard Awards and Mashable for being among the world’s best corporate content in social media), Yoxi, Beyond, the THNK School of Creative Leadership, Telus, Blast Radius, NATIONAL Public Relations, and Vision Critical, I have had the honour of working with extraordinarily innovative, creative people for over fifteen years. I love my work.



I’ve got deep experience with large corporations as well as start-ups. I can lead strategy and creative sessions on brand design, messaging, or social media for companies of all sizes; jump in to scale up the capabilities and output of creative teams; and develop a stronger brand story for greater impact.

I work best with organizations seeking clarity and fresh energy around their brand story, and who are open to exploring new ways of discovering and communicating what matters most.


Senior writer and founding contributor to Whole Foods’ DARK RYE magazine, awarded in 2013 and 2014 with James Beard Foundation awards for ‘Best Group Food Blog’. This work was also noted in 2013 by Mashable as being among the best examples in the world of a brand doing social media right.

I’m also an award-nominated published author of YA adventure novels, picture books, and an upcoming novel-length work of non-fiction; as well as a TEDx speaker and photographer.