Justin Lee

I have over a decade of experience in the animation and graphic design industries. Working for clients like Marvel, Disney, Nickelodeon, TBS and MTV, I wear a lot of hats with efficiency, accuracy and most of all, the ability to hit razor sharp deadlines. Fast and effective is how I get things done and ensure a top ROI on your investment.

“Don’t sweat the small things” is the worst saying I has ever heard – in my experience, that sharp attention to the small things is what makes or breaks effective products. In a digital world driven by sharp, engaging, experience driven content, I believe you should absolutely sweat the small things as it is those finer points that unify to create incredible, memorable experiences for you and your brand.

Justin’s work

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Justin’s Specializations

Animation Direction, Creative Direction, Illustration, AAA Video Game Illustration, AAA Brand Management, Logo Design, Video Editing, UI design, SquareSpace Web Design, Storyboards, Character Design

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Justin’s client resume

Marvel, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Nick Jr., Disney XD,  MTV, TBS, Chevrolet, Chrysler, CBC, Family Guy, FOX Kids, Classified, Corus Entertainment

Justin’s best fit

Perfect match is a business with a question that needs to get answered. I thoroughly enjoy being able to bring top notch, experience driven answers to any business that poses a question. I thrive on deadline driven solutions.

If you’ve got a large task as a small start up or a large ask as a growing business, I’ll have an answer for you and will guide you to the desired outcome.