Julie Geller

As a senior marketing resource, I love to jump in and help complete unfinished projects, rework jumbled strategy and clarify complicated marketing initiatives. I thrive in B2B companies that are looking to expand their business and link marketing activities with real-world ROI. I have extensive experience in the SaaS industry and working with an array of sales teams.  

In the interest of time, let me provide a few key points about me:

- I'm goal oriented- I really, really need to hit it out of the park every month or else I get bored.

- I'm laser-focused on measuring my performance - I'm powered by continuing to add wins (or learnings) to my playbook.

- I'm team oriented - I love working with teams and mentoring talent.

- I'm creative - I'm always after the most creative and feasible option.

Julie’s best fit 

I specialize in helping mid-sized businesses who have struggled to execute a feasible, measurable, and holistic digital marketing plan. I excel in creating content & lead generation programs for B2B clients that deliver ROI. 

Julie understands how to assess and prescribe marketing strategies for complex business needs. Although our firm has multiple global considerations, Julie was able to quickly decipher how to meet our outlined objectives. She is adept at working with large groups of people and she always takes time to educate the team on our options. Julie possess a winning combination of passion and professionalism. We’re really excited to work with her on launching and growing our editorial property over the coming months.
— Theo Ling Partner, Baker & McKenzie LLP

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Julie’s Specializations

Content Strategy, Content Creation, Content Audit, Persona Development and Journey Mapping, Editorial Assignments and Calendars, Analytics and Performance, Content Strategy Workshops, SEO, Video Production, Digital Strategy, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Influencer Programs, Salesforce integration, Workflows and Organizational Design

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University of Toronto, Because I am a Girl & Plan Canada, Cision, Carma, Baker McKenzie LLP, BBDO.