Jeff Middleton

I should probably be honest with you. I’m dangerous. Not like – ‘sneak up on you in the parking lot’ kind of dangerous. But more like a ‘wow, this idea changes everything’ kind of dangerous. The kind of creative danger that turns heads. Perks ears. Drops jaws. It’s not that I can’t be boring. Normal. Zagging with zaggers. I enjoy a little yin to my yang as much as the next scribe, but just because it’s boring doesn’t mean it can’t be creative. Need proof? Two words. Dress socks.


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Also visit: www.mrlaheyvotes.ca


Jeff's Best FIt 

I’m an easy fit for most teams who need a seasoned writer or creative director to hop on board and make a project great. And even though I promote myself as a fun, creative, skilled copywriter – I also secretly enjoy the gritty, never-ending, this-is-version-23 type of work that comes with the territory of being a well-rounded creative. In my experience, sometimes it’s those long hauls and thankless jobs that build more formidable business relationships than a quick creative hit. Either way, I just want to help my clients so they can sleep at night.


Jeff's Awards & Accomplishments

Cannes Lion, FWA, CMA, iab Mixx, Mashie, ICE Award


“Jeff Middleton is one of the most creative thinkers I’ve ever worked with.”
-Jason Nickel, Founder Nickel Media & Emmy Award Winner
“There’s nothing like a little Jeff Middleton in the morning.”
-Jeff Simpson, ACD Arrivals & Departures
“Watch out world.”
-John Gagne, ECD

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Creative Communication, Programmatic Copy, Impactful Copywriting, Digital Marketing, Creative Direction, Traditional Advertising, Strategic Insights, Brainstorming, Problem Solving .

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Jeff's Client resume

OSubaru, Toyota, Gillette, HP, Pepsi, Tropicana, Molson, Moosehead, NFB, letgo,  Smirnoff, Infiniti, Scotiabank, RBC, Pedigree, Mitsubishi, Bell Aliant, Nova Scotia Tourism, this is a never ending list…