jared henriques

Hey, I'm a brand strategist who is passionate about solving problems and collaborating with others. I currently run my agency called Renga.

Renga is a form of collaborative Japanese poetry. The way that renga poetry is composed is representative of the heart behind my philosophy when working with clients. So many consultants discount what has been done before they arrive. They show up as if they can reinvent the wheel and it doesn't do the story of your business justice. I want to build something with you, off of your history and postured for you to be able to run with. When both parties feel ownership and investment, magic happens.


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My ideal client is a small to medium sized business that love to do the work but are overwhelmed by all the facets of business. My greatest skill is to look at the business from 30,000 feet and help the business navigate all the little decisions.


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Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy, eCommerce

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Red Scarf Equestrian, Muskoka Woods, NAD Electronics, Bluesound, PSB Speakers, Deck DIY Supply