What you'll find here:

As businesses and marketing departments are embracing the higher work quality, efficiency and budgetary benefits of working with highly experienced specialists, there is a new need arising – someone to vouch for legitimacy of skills, portfolio, dedication and accountability.

No hobbyists. No moonlighters. Only curated and vetted intermediate, senior and elite specialists poised to deliver the highest caliber work. Scaled to your specific need.  Anywhere in Canada. Each has their own experience and price points that are determined by the individual – which means we have the agility to meet and match nearly any creative, marketing, advertising, or writing challenge.

In the Illustrators section for each region, you’ll find a wide variety of talent specialists. There’s categories for everything from Book Cover Design and Digital Illustration to Editorial Illustration and Sidewalk Painting. Our specialists have covered all kinds of projects. But don’t just take it from us. Look at their profiles to see some of their previous work.


Only want to see certain types of Specialists, or disciplines? Just click the preferred tag under the image to show only those specialists that fit. See someone you like? Click their image to view their full profile.  



When looking through an Illustrator’s samples, it may look like they only do one style. If you are looking for a particular style – and you don’t see it in their sample – reach out to the Illustrator and ask if they’d be willing to try something different. Some Illustrators don’t mind switching it up and giving diverse styles a go.