Gareth Stuart

I am an External Relations (ER) professional who is experienced in all core pillars of the discipline, including stakeholder engagement, corporate communications and non-technical risk (NTR) project leadership. What makes me unique as a qualified ER professional is that I apply practical, academic and international learning to local problem solving. For over 12 years I have committed myself to finding win-win solutions among parties who do not always start with common understandings of one another's wants, needs, and drivers. Interests that may seem incompatible can often be complimentary with the right exploratory approach to information gathering. I have experience developing engagement plans with federal/provincial government, regulators, community, Indigenous Peoples, media and non-governmental organizations. My personal and professional lifelong passion is working and living in different cultures, absorbing their unique perspectives and drawing upon their wisdom.


Gareth's perfect match

I am looking to work with a Principled company that is genuinely interested in addressing challenges to its success through ethical, open-minded and respectful means. I have learned that being Principled can also make the most commercial sense. I like to work with people who ‘own’ both the challenges and opportunities before them, and who welcome new ideas to resolve difficult issues. My extensive experience working across Canada and internationally can bring new ideas to your project(s). I also welcome the opportunity to learn new things in working with you!


Gareth's highlighted clients

Canada Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board (CNSOPB), Canadian Armed Forces (CF), Petro-Canada (Western Canada), Shell Canada (across Canada and the Maritimes), Talisman Energy (Canada), Talisman International and Talisman USA

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Gareth's Specializations

Communications, reputation management, stakeholder and Indigenous Peoples engagement, conflict management, government relations, economic development and corporate policy development. Other services include negotiations, traditional knowledge studies, project leadership/management and regulatory compliance

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