Fraser Toms

Hi I'm Fraser!  I have had a passion for film since I was a kid and remember taking a 2 hour computer survey in Highschool that concluded I should be a film/tv director.  I laughed and didn't take it seriously until the age of 28 where I made a drastic career change.  

8 years later I'm now doing what I love and giving my absolute best to impress all of the great clients I've worked with.  I always bring my intense focus and creativity to the table, while building strong relationships along the way.  Here comes my trademark saying - I'm a jack of all trades and a master of SOME.  Rotten food grosses me out more than anything and the best film of all time is a tie between Blade Runner and Conan the Barbarian.

Fraser'S WORK



2009 Peter Gerrestsen Award for Best Picture (Ryerson Film)

“Fraser reminds me of Elon Musk, he’s a real thinker and a perfectionist.”
— United Boxing Promotions Founder Don McDonald
“It looks fucking awesome”
— Flying Monkey Craft Brewery CEO Peter Chiodo

Fraser's Specializations

Director, Video Producer, Director of Photography, Creative Storyteller, Video Editor

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BroadSoft, Sales Force, Rogers Communications, Huffington Post NY, United Boxing Promotions, NBC Sports, CTV, E-Talk Daily, City TV, Bravo, Hennessy†Sports, Canadian Diabetes Association, Archery District, The Wilcox, Stantive Technologies, Casino Rama, Sportsnet, InSauga, Fadoo Productions



Business looking for film-quality commercials and/or Branded Content, documentary and/or scripted content, product videos