Everything The Well does - from our model, right through to the experience  - is dictated by the ever growing and evolving needs of internal marketing teams. Whether it is providing an answer for agency fatigue, commissioning market research for use in building your playbook or it's to answer the call for new, risk free ways of finding permanent specialists in marketing and technology - The Well is an effort to make  things easy and risk free for you. We spend our days challenging traditional, yet un-evolved business models, as well as our own programs and offerings. We see it as our duty to maintain a relevant and continuous  "there has to be a better way to do this" wish lists on behalf of marketing managers, technology team leads, project and resource manager's.

Connect with a Well agent to help triage your situation, make program or specialist recommendations free of charge. Or, you might prefer to  browse the website to connect directly with specialists. However you prefer to work, we've curated and vetted intermediate, senior and elite specialists and made them publicly available under four program banners that have proven to be highly effective for businesses of all sizes. The Well has no fat to trim, no account managers and best of all our sustainable compensation model means everyone is paid fairly for their craft - with 80-90% of all fees paid going directly to the specialists you've chosen to work with. 


The Right Fit For Your Business, Right Away

No matter what industry your company operates within, we have the talent to match. The Well is made up of seasoned freelancers who specialize in:

  • Business Development

  • Creative Ideation

  • Copywriting

  • Technical and Business Writing

  • Advertising

  • Branding

  • SEO and Keywording

  • Short and Long-Form storytelling

  • Commercial Photography

  • Video Production

  • Visual Effects/Special Effects

  • Animation

  • Graphic Design (print and digital)

  • Public Relations

  • Media Relations

  • Web Design

  • Programming

  • Big-time Web Development

  • Software Development

  • Business Intelligence

  • Information Renderings

  • Event Planning (corporate, festivals, concerts, sporting)

  • IOS and Android Development


Scalable Solutions For Client Needs

Entirely made up of experienced specialists from coast-to-coast, we’ve come up with a model that actually scales to situational and client needs. Our team of national professionals have worked with companies across Canada and the United States in short and long-term capacities. From working on specific projects, filling in for staff on leave, and supplementing an existing department, The Well’s talent pool has done everything from designing brochures for multinational corporations, to strategic planning, to data farming, to helping startups find their brand identity. The Well provides solutions for businesses who are seeking more than answers, but for the right talent at the right price. Because The Well has no overhead, 85-90% of all fees paid go directly to the consultants you’ve chosen to work with.


The Advantage of Experience

Becoming a Well Talent begins with experience. As a minimum requirement for entry into The Well, every specialist is required to have run their own business for a minimum of three years, or have five or more years experience in a specific discipline. Our rigorous curation process doesn’t end there. Portfolios, reference checks and client satisfaction statements are poured over by members of the The Well before anyone is made an official member of the Talent team. This intense vetting process ensures that we are only allowing serious, experienced freelancers who are committed to providing their best work no matter the client or project. This is where we begin to make and keep our promises to you, our clients. To further these promises, we have developed a KPI system that will allow you, the client, to comment and evaluate the performance of each Well Talent you've chosen to engage. Call it a concrete commitment to accountability, call it a breath of fresh air - what matters most is that you find value in each and every engagement you have with The Well.


Contact The Well today and get your business what it needs before tomorrow. ping@gotothewell.ca