employee satisfaction sessions


Through the use of authentic and engaging dialogue supported with visual language, we harness information from staff that is otherwise unattainable through traditional means. By having a team not connected with the company, employees have an opportunity to speak comfortably towards how they feel valued at the company and make suggestions to make their future work successful and retain them overtime.




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employee satisfaction consulting session


One preparation In-person meeting   •   Run Sessions (2-5)   •   One debrief in-person meeting

OUR purpose

To harness and gather information which is visually outlined for quick, easy actionable steps to show employees that the company values their feelings, thoughts and ideas and are committed to their well-being and workplace satisfaction


Effectively facilitate small group of staff to share their honest feedback

Gain valuable insight and feedback from your employees.  

Capture and visually record information from staff and create an info-mural


Hear how your employees feel valued

Give your employees a voice to bring up concerns without concern of repercussions



Understanding of the underground Company Culture

Creates a To Do List for success (short term and long term action items)

Information that can be used in upcoming goal and decision making.

Employees feel valued and heard

why we use a visual component: 

80% of people are visual learners, as we process visual information 60,000x faster then text. Visual representation also increases memory retention by 42%.

When employee sees their words, ideas and concerns written out they feel valued and understood

Employees are more open to hearing other people’s thoughts once they see their words captured.

Visual mural acts as an accountability tool