Elisabeth Galina

I have been told on numerous occasions that I am the Chandler of every room I walk into. When I’m not using humour as a defense mechanism and cracking wise, I am crafting eloquent prose, standout taglines and making sure every headline counts.

Words matter to me. They are important in constructing a language that brings your brand front and centre. I aim to bridge the gap between the norm and the inspired, creating the balance that every project needs.

Since receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing from Concordia University in 2004, I have been steadily employed as a copywriter, editor, SEO keyworder and all around wordsmith. I’ve also seen 1991’s Point Break multiple times which has no bearing on anything and, okay, I’ll get back to work now.


Elisabeth's best fit

SMEs, startups, media companies, creative agencies and management firms are all a great fit for me. I especially find a lot of satisfaction working within the retail, fashion and entertainment industries. I'm also well-versed in the Canadian mortgage and lending industry and have created content for many brokers. 


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Elisabeth's Specializations

Bilingual creative writing, copywriting, editing, magazine writing, blogging, SEO/keywording, fact checking, business plan writing, technical writing, prose, biography/ghost writing, branding, script writing: films, commercials, television, radio

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Elisabeth's client resume

ZED Graphics Communication Inc., MSO, Techwyse, Extreme Group, EGNB, Kohoot Media, Creative Curve Media, Mesa Garage Door, QMi Sales, Bugs & Cranks, Armchair Report, Stellium Management, Infinity Network Inc., Business Plans International, Shalom Life, Nylon Magazine, Corduroy Magazine, Mortgage Marcus, Think Geek Speak, Hamilton View Weekly, Naked Eye Magazine, ESPN the Magazine, Bombin' Magazine, Under Pressure Magazine, Bitchin Kitchen TV, Mass Appeal Magazine, Orca Sound, Frontstreet Magazine, Dr. Jes Science Journal, Cosmo Girl Magazine, American Apparel