Dwayne Boudreau

A Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for hire, I draws from 25 years of sales and marketing experience in strategy, branding and tactical execution. Some say, if it’s been done, I’ve done it! My broad know-how includes CPG, retail, food service, franchising, pharmacy, transportation, fuel distribution, craft brewing, trucking, and start-ups. Yes, I can confidently tackle any business segment thoughtfully and precisely.

Analytical in nature, I am particularly skilled at diagnostic assessment, evaluating market readiness, planning and launching sales and marketing initiatives, gaging export potential, and developing distribution models.

My secret is to talk to customers and always start with the customer perspective in mind. Hundreds of business owners have benefitted from my solid advice and practical hands-on approach to grow their sales and profits. I would be grateful to help with yours.


Dwayne's best fit

I provide senior marketing and sales executive skills without the HR commitment. My learning curve is short and you won’t have to hold my hand. Working side by side, I help SME's develop a strategic sales and marketing plan that will grow revenues and provide assistance to get projects started and finished.


Dwayne's awards & accomplishments

  • Two “Ice Awards of Merit” for TV advertising in Atlantic Canada in 2011. 
  • “Silver Ice Award” for television advertising in Atlantic Canada in 2005
  • “Frankie Gold” for Greco Pizza website, CFA (Canadian Franchise Association) in 2005.
  • “Craft Award” for illustration of Capt. Sub corporate identity, CFA in 2005.
  • Finalist “Marketing Award of Excellence” for innovation and creativity, H.J. Heinz in 2000, 1999 and 1998.

Dwayne would be a valuable asset to any company looking to improve their marketing position. He is able to assess any shortfalls or gaps and develop plans to overcome these obstacles
— Calvin LeRoux – CEO PharmaChoice
I’m enjoying working with Dwayne. There is no question that now is the time to embrace (digital strategies) and working with someone like Dwayne helps make this happen. The questions he asks, the interest he’s shown in your (the client) business and his requirement for me to always back up and prove what I say makes for a very inspiring relationship
— Krista Thornton - Diamond Manager, Yellow Pages

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Dwayne's Specializations

Strategic/Business/Marketing/Sales Planning, Brand Development, Business Development, Digital Strategy, Export Development, Omni Channel Marketing, Sales and Marketing Execution, Sales/Marketing Evaluation, Lead Generation, Client Acquisition, Key Account Management, Product Development ,Testing and Launch, Business Coaching.

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Dwayne's client resume

Greco Pizza, Capt. Sub, Heinz, PharmaChoice, The Salty Dog Brewing Company, Genrus United, Sauced Wood-Fired Pizza, PepperHead, Eassons Transport, Superline Fuels, West Nova Fuels, Discount Fuels, All Sauced Up, Frank & Ginos, Skyline