about me

I’m Jenny on the block real. I’m a strong business-mind with a sprinkle of sassafras. I enjoy delivering superior client service and project management. I’m relaxed and poised in interactions at all levels. I have experience in many different types of industries and markets. I find accountability highly satisfying. I smile easily and like to learn constantly.


perfect match

I’m best suited in a progressive business environment where a group of talented folks have passion to work as a team. I don’t enjoy being in an office by myself all the time. I love to share my knowledge and serve in a role that allows me to bring true value to the business and the people I work with.


highlighted clients

Yahoo!, Playboy, ISL (FCV Interactive), Destination Halifax, Lawtons, Heritage Gas, Spirit Spa, Rolls Battery, Willowbrae Academy



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Strategic Digital Marketing, SEO, Analytics, Project Management, Account Management, Business Development, Training