about me

Hi there! I’m a graphic designer and illustrator with a background in fine art. This combined expertise allows me to combine digital with hand-drawn elements for unique, original solutions. I have an innate sense of composition and love wrestling unwieldy information into attractiveness and order. I find it endlessly fascinating how the correct choices of pallet, arrangement, and aesthetics work together to tell a story, create mood, and evoke feeling. 

To this end I work in a variety of styles, whatever is best suited to deliver the message at hand. I work with people to draw out their ideas and we work together to put those ideas into inspiring, aesthetic reality, whether that be clean photography overlaid with crisp, simple text or a custom illustration depicting something entirely new into the world.  


Perfect Match

I love creating and am process orientated. I’m happy to work on most projects though I excel in fine, detailed illustration.

highlighted clients

Saint Mary’s University, Halifax Circus, Propeller Brewery, Halifax Pop Explosion, Baum et Mercier, Nova Scotia Community College,  Art Gallery Of Nova Scotia, Good Robot Brewing Company, Petite Riviere Vineyards, ShipBuilders Cider, Sid’s Cider, IMV Inc.

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10 Years Experience

Labels, Logos, Posters, Illustration