david yin

Web Developer with over 6 years of experience working both in corporate and startups. I started working on web projects back in University working on several personal projects and internships before deciding to transition a lot more into freelance work. I have worked in various different tech stacks and I continuously make sure I am up to date to with the latest frameworks and technologies so that I’m at the cutting edge of web technologies in order to best serve my clients. This makes me extremely flexible and able to work with a wide variety of technology stacks. I have experience in most of the major front-end JS frameworks and well as most of the common datastore. I also have experience working with server frameworks like Rails, Django and Express. As well as cross platform mobile development. Currently I focus primarily on Web Development but I am open to other roles as well.


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I am primarily a web developer looking to working on a cool projects that uses new and cutting edge tools. I enjoy working primarily on either front-end JS based projects or more Full-stack projects.


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Full-stack Development, Mobile Development, Front-end Development, Web Development, Ruby on Rails, React + Redux, ES6, Typescript, Javascript, jQuery, HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap, AngularJS, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Python Django, Golang, MySQL, PostgreSQL

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Full-stack developer for StackAdapt

Freelance developer for Lixar, Condos.ca, and BizXPro

Software Developer for Amazon

Mobile Developer for Interaxon