david horachek

I fix hard to solve problems in performance, optimization and gameplay using 3D math and software systems design. 

I received my Masters of Engineering in Software Engineering from University of Illinois with a certificate in Project Management. I have experience as a technical director and engineering team lead along with many other career accomplishments. 

Technical Highlights: 

  • Kinect-to-unity3D integration on PC. Unity3D gameplay and live tuning systems. Animation and Animator component driven gameplay. Character controller driven gameplay. Easy to pickup, hard to master arcade sensibilities.
  • Animation: Architected 16-to-1 animation compression tool and runtime for bipedal characters; delta encoded quantizer with error pruning. Tension map facial animation system, static mesh animation pipeline, Morpheme animation middleware, 2bone Ik, gradient descent for minima solving, real time cloth and soft body simulation. Rigid body physics solver.
  •  Systems: Architected Streaming world tools and pipelines for large environments; delta PVS based
  • In-Game: Player character mechanics and controls, Procedural head and weapon targeting, blending and delta animations. Mid-level and gameplay systems architecture
  • Component based meta game framework and pipeline for game objects and interactions in 3d action adventure game. Core game systems, low level systems; triggers, behaviors
  • Camera logic: Rule based, forward kinematic and bicubic camera curve based systems. Automated camera posing
  • Neural Networks: N.N. Systems design and architecture; Autonomous vehicle navigation, perspective invariant 3d object recognition, cursive handwriting recognition, voice recognition, musical perceptual processor R&D, Independent component analysis for blind signal separation, learning vector quantizer, simulated annealing, mixture-of-competing experts. Discrete and hybrid machine learning systems.
  • 13 Titles shipped, 4 exceeding 1 million units sold
  • 12 years experience in games industry


david's best fit

 I enjoy being impactful and solving problems that are hard to quantify


awards & accomplishments 

published author : “Creating eLearning games with Unity”

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David's Specializations

Realtime Interactive Simulation Software, Video Game Software Engineering, 3D Game Programming, eLearning Game Development, Animation Programming, Neural Networks and Signal Processing, Game Engines (Unity3D, Unreal, Renderware, Wwise, Gamebryo, Custom Engines), Xbox, Xbox360, PSP, PS2, PS3, Wii. 

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