Darin roche

I am a creative, positive, organized and forward thinking consultant with a sole purpose to make the process of sponsorship marketing less difficult, and more prosperous.

Using a system that I have developed to maximize results within the corporate and non-profit sectors; I am quick to build trust and long-lasting relationships based on active listening, understanding and a desire to provide solutions.

Over the course of the last few years, I've delivered more than 250 business proposals for sponsorship purposes. As an end-to-end sponsorship consultant I begin each engagement by setting the strategy before developing the packages, making pitches, negotiating contracts and ensuring that all parties are able to deliver on the agreements made.

It's through these activities I've been able to build a new and highly efficient sponsorship tracking system.

Have laptop, and sponsorship network...will travel


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Organizations requiring sponsorship/fundraising or who are seeking training on sponsorship/fundraising


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Sponsorship Strategy, Sponsorship Procurement, Event Sponsorship Delivery

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Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax Pop Explosion, Hal-Con, Treehouse TV's Splash N Boots, Francofest 2016, Jon Mullane (Music Artist), Gridlock Music Festival, Live The Dream Tour Foundation (US), Blue Nose Marathon, Premiere Floorball Association, U19 Mens’ World Floorball Championships, Greek Fest