Cynthia Shulak

I hold a Master of Fine Arts in Documentary Media, with a specialization in Digital Media, from Ryerson University, Toronto, and a Baccalaureate of Communications from Concordia University, Montréal.

I pride myself in holding a high-level understanding of how diverse audiences read and respond to mixed media digital content, which puts me at an advantage when I’m helping brands develop their presence in new markets. I have eight years of professional experience in media production and academic critique, entrepreneurship, business development, and cross-cultural communications, including translation services (French-English.)


Cynthia'S BEST FIT

Small and medium size business development

Cross-cultural communications

Businesses looking to improve client relations in Québec, Canada

Social media strategy

Digital content creation



Master of Fine Arts, Documentary Media TESOL Certification

Cynthia's Specializations

Cultural Communications Strategist, French-English Bilingual Copywriter, Digital Content Specialist, Project Manager/Producer, Publication Layout

Cynthia's Location & Contact



AgroFusion, Urban Outfitters, Inc., Sometimes, Greenpoint Productions, Youth Services Bureau Ottawa, Rotating Planet, Inc., National Film Board of Canada.