Cynthia Shulak

I hold a Master of Fine Arts in Documentary Media, with a specialization in Digital Media, from Ryerson University, Toronto, and a Baccalaureate of Communications from Concordia University, Montréal.

I pride myself in holding a high-level understanding of how diverse audiences read and respond to mixed media digital content, which puts me at an advantage when I’m helping brands develop their presence in new markets. I have eight years of professional experience in media production and academic critique, entrepreneurship, business development, and cross-cultural communications, including translation services (French-English.)


Cynthia's best fit

Small and medium size business development

Cross-cultural communications

Businesses looking to improve client relations in Québec, Canada

Social media strategy

Digital content creation


Cynthia's Awards & Accomplishments

Master of Fine Arts, Documentary Media TESOL Certification

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Cynthia's Specializations

Cultural Communications Strategist, French-English Bilingual Copywriter, Digital Content Specialist, Project Manager/Producer, Publication Layout

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Cynthia's client Resume 

AgroFusion, Urban Outfitters, Inc., Sometimes, Greenpoint Productions, Youth Services Bureau Ottawa, Rotating Planet, Inc., National Film Board of Canada.