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As businesses and marketing departments are embracing the higher work quality, efficiency and budgetary benefits of working with highly experienced specialist consultants, there is a new need arising – someone to vouch for legitimacy of skills, portfolio, dedication and accountability.

No hobbyists, no moonlighters, only curated and vetted intermediate, senior and elite specialists poised to deliver the highest calibre work, scaled to your specific need.  Our specialists come from everywhere in Canada, each with their own experience and price points that are determined by each individual - which means we have the ability to meet and match nearly any creative, marketing, advertising or writing challenge.

In the Creative sections for each region, you'll find specialists categorized as Creative Directors, Art Directors, UX/UI Designers, and Graphic Designers. We've also included the individual disciplines for each specialist including: Concept Development, Logos, App Design, Packaging, Print and Layout, Publication Design, Signage, Trade Show Design, Display Design, Menu Design and so much more. 

In the Writer sections for each region, you'll find specialists categorized as Advertising Copywriters, Long-Form Copywriters, and Creative Writers.  The individual disciplines for these specialists include: Storytelling, Technical Writing, Script Writing, Web Content Writing, Editorial Writing, Copyediting, Plain language Writing and French-English Writing, to name a few.

Our specialists have covered a wide range of projects. But, don't just take it from us. Take a look at their profiles to learn more about them and see some samples of their work.



Only want to see certain types of Specialists, or disciplines? Just click the preferred tag under the image to show only those specialists that fit. See someone you like? Click their image to view their full profile.  



Quick Tip:

There are two breeds of Creative Directors - Designers and Writers. You always need both when completing projects like Ad Campaigns, but you can decide which side you want to drive the bus - it all depends on where you want everything to start. 



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The difference between working with an Art Director versus a Production Designer usually depends on the need for Concept Development versus building outputs from an already established campaign or program.  For instance, designing a brochure is a perfect job for a Production Designer. But if you're looking to do a brochure for the first time, and you don't have a solid idea or direction behind it, consider tapping an Art Director instead.



Quick tip:

If you really want to make your project smooth and your website sing, you should always consider adding an SEO or Web Copywriter to the project. If you have quantitative goals for your website (for example, you're expecting it to make you money), start with a strategy and tap a UX person to make everything flow. 

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Quick Tip:

Not all writers are the same - need quick headlines? Grab an Advertising Copywriter. Trying to get the to the heart of your own brand story? You need a Creative Director/Storyteller.  Need an article written? You need an Editorial Writer.  Website content needs a new look? Also an Editorial Writer with a discipline focus in SEO and web copy. In every case, an editor should always be your second stop. Editing and Writing go hand in hand, but a little extra spent on editing can save you a ton in the long run by avoiding embarrassing typos or inconsistencies in your copy.


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