Corporate Communications

We bring a different perspective to your communications. A triad that combines outside perspectives and employee insights with your strategic goals and brand. We believe a communication strategy needs to be as unique as your organization.

Your communication needs to feel authentic and consistent whether through formal communication channels or one-on-one interactions on the front lines. It’s more than messaging and tactics for us. It's the intent, insights and strategy that help direct communication. What makes our approach unique is blending the concepts and practices of customer experience strategy with internal and external communications-  making for well rounded, effective and measurable corporate communications strategies. The result is a powerful combination of in-depth communication programs that focus on customer relationships (both internally and externally), staff training and clarity on how to implement.



about this 'well assembled' team: 

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Jenn and Robyn worked well together to develop a strategic communications plan, with clear measurable results, that allows us to respond to challenges. They bring a high level of professionalism and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.
— Stephan Richard, Director of Community Relations & Public Affairs, Housing NS

case studies

Housing Nova Scotia

Three year corporate communications strategy 2015-2018


Every engagement is different - from individual client needs to timelines and goals associated with developing Corporate Communications programs.  Typical engagements run from 3 - 6 months. 


We seek to understand.

We do our research.

We gather insights.

We bring perspectives of stakeholders.


We define the opportunities.

We map the environment.

We identify and engage audiences.

We develop the approach and tactics (right sized for you and your organization).

Engage and Evolve:

We connect with stakeholders.

We collaborate.

We test and evolve.

We execute.


We benchmark.

We measure success / results.

We set up checkpoints and refine.