I’m left-handed. People say that left-handers are intelligent and creative. Though I don’t typically subscribe to such beliefs, I do like to think that I’m more than just a hat rack, and I’m certainly a creative, through and through. I have a passion for writing and advertising, and have been working hard for the past decade to expand my experience and portfolio in these fields. I’ve done a lot of freelance, giving me valuable insight into many different types of companies, projects, and clients (I’ve had the pleasure of working on some brilliant brands with some crackerjack creatives), but I feel that I flourish in a team environment and I enjoy building lasting relationships with clients.

If I were a tool, I’d be a Swiss army knife, because my creative skillset is as diverse as my fashion sense. If I were a musical instrument, I’d be a harmonica, because I seem simple but I have hidden complexities. (Plus, Tom Waits and Bruce Springsteen). I have strong feelings about the Oxford comma and Kurt Russell.

My Perfect Fit

I’m a Writer, Art Director, and Creative, interested in jumping into the deep end of a team and applying my motley bundle of skills and experiences to content creation in the realms of Advertising (Television/Radio/Social/Print/Digital), Film and Television production, Video game writing and naturalization, or Social Media (Marketing/Strategizing/Coordinating/SEO). My ideal company to work with would be a place of growth and creativity. It would be fast-paced, challenging, diverse, and in need of a top-drawer word putter-together who is chockfull of unique ideas.

highlighted clients

Cossette, McDonalds, Arrivals & Departures, Easy Trigger Games, PsychozInteractive, Nelvana

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Creative Director, Content Strategist, Copywriter, Long Form Copy Writer, Advertising Copywriting, Digital Copywriter, Campaign Concept Development, Creative Concept Development, Storyteller, Blogging, Content Creation, Copyediting, Fact Checking, Documentary Writing, Ghost Writing, Interviewing, Creative Writer, Journalist, Copywriter, Web Content, Writing, Social Posting Writing, Magazine Content, Newspaper Content, Plain Language Writing, Reporting, Script Writing (TV/ Radio), Speech Writing, Storytelling, Web Content Writing, Web Copy