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Projects Big & Small

Not sure where to start? No time to search through our talent pool? Do you need a team or a single specialist for your project(s)? Speak to one of our Project Matchmakers to help you determine what approach to take for your project(s). We’ll connect you with the Talent once you’re ready to go. 
No time to search for a specialist? Speak to a Project Matchmaker for free. 


Help me find full-time talent. Do you need full-time help? Are you looking for the ideal Talent to fill a full-time position within your company? The Well’s staff comes from the world of marketing, communications and technology. We are not recruiters, but we vet our Talent thoroughly before they’re invited to join The Well.
No time to search for talent? Speak to a Talent Manager for free. 


Freelance & Consulting

Work with our Business Development Team and Talent Managers to expand your freelance or consulting business. If you are interested in being considered for The Well, please read our vetting requirements before filling out the form. You will be asked if you are freelancing and open to full-time work or are you building your own business or brand and have been doing so uninterrupted for three (3) years or more.

Full-Time Work

Let us get to know you and put our agents to work on finding you a new full-time role that fits what and where you’re looking for. We’ll work confidentially to find you the next step in your career. We’ll proactively market you to companies that you may not have known are hiring.

Media Inquiries 

We have the tools and the talent. Want to know more? Get in touch with The Well.