Colin Winn

I’m an award-winning and highly motivated copywriter and creative director who brings passion, initiative, and a wealth of experience to every new project. Throughout my career, I’ve relished being the go-to guy for the biggest and most challenging projects. I don’t believe in doing anything halfway—at work or in my personal life.

Whether I’m creating a fresh campaign, pitching for new business, battling it out on the tennis court, or setting off before sunrise to shoot my next award-winning photograph, the task at hand gets my full attention. I take pride in the reputation I have earned for dependability, creativity, professionalism and being an asset to any team I work with.

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I can handle any project big or small, but relish big, challenging projects that require fresh and innovative thinking.


Category Experience

Pharmaceutical, Health Care, Packaged Goods, Automotive, Telecom, Financial, Entertainment and Retail.


Media Experience

Mobile, Digital, Social and all traditional media.

“Colin is one of the most talented and professional creative people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He takes the time to understand the business issues so that he can deliver on-strategy solutions. I appreciate that he always delivers multiple creative options, on time and within budget. Colin is a super nice guy who is respected by everyone he works with. And he’s to be congratulated on his recent Cannes Award!

— Karen Devine Associate Director, Marketing & Communications at the Toronto Public Library

“Colin delivers! While I was at Pfizer/J&J, Colin was always the creative guy that nailed it—whether it was “Take a Benylin Day” which transformed the brand from a 15 year “Doctor Recommended” to a brand that’s on your side as you fight the cold, or Listerine Skate, which took the Listerine ads up to the next level with an increased entertainment and engagement or Polysporin “Slip and Slide” which consumers loved. These ads tested through the roof, drove brand growth and were memorable for the consumer. Interesting thing about that one Benylin ad is the transformative impact it had on my team. It gave us a boost of confidence that we needed to take that chance. It spurred on some competitive fired as well—others on my team wished they had made that ad, and they stepped up and delivered other great work using that Benylin ad as the benchmark for what “great” was. That one ad changed us.

— Graham Robertson Brand Management Coach. At Beloved Brands.

“Colin Winn is a creative superstar. He makes the extraordinary seem
effortless. He thinks strategically like a planner, organizes like an
account executive, presents like a global creative director. And smiles
more than the agency receptionist. He is quite simply one of the best
advertising minds I’ve ever encountered.

— Craig Markou Partner, Chief Creative Officer at Wooden Hill

“Colin’s collaboration/teaming skills, creativity, and passion for great work make him a key partner. He consistently delivers “remarkable” advertising that effectively breaks through the clutter to persuasively communicate the unique benefits of our products to consumers. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Colin on many projects including full brand re-positionings and many new product launches. Whether it was the award winning “Take A Benylin Day” campaign or launch copy to support Tylenol Back Pain or Tylenol Complete - Colin consistently developed top scoring copy that drove significant business results ... and we had a lot of fun doing it!

— Jesse Weis Senior Marketing Director at Johnson & Johnson

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Advertising Copywriting, Creative Direction and Concept Development

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Johnson & Johnson, Mazda, HSBC, Walmart, Proctor & Gamble, Ontario Lotteries (OLG), Uncle Ben’s, Clublink, Microsoft, United Distillers & Vinters, Bell, Cadbury, Kraft, Wrigley, Kellogg’s, Burger King, Dow Chemical, Hunt’s