Clara Garnier

I’m a bilingual freelance copywriter. I write in French and English and have several experiences in the Quebecois market. I’m passionate, versatile and also keep myself updated with new trends in marketing, advertising and digital. With more than 6 years of experience in the ad business, I am happy to work now for my own clients and can’t wait to offer you my energy and creativity!


Clara’s Best Fit

I am versatile and love working for either big or small clients. I take each brief as a new adventure and love producing creative content whatever the market or client is, and if I can learn new things at the same time, it’s even better!

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Clara’s Specializations

Website copywriting, copywriting, creative writing, creative concepts, translation, transcreation, adaptation, SEO, community management, blogging, press releases

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Clara’s Client Resume

Air Canada, Swatch, UBP Private banking, Traffigura, BRP, CRM, community management, Rolex, The Kooples, Kenworth Maska, Balcon Verdun