Chris Taylor

Since graduating from Bitmaker Labs Full Stack Developer Boot Camp, my freelance career has been primarily focused on working with start-ups as an embedded consultant.

I'm a motivated, developer with a diverse entrepreneurial background demonstrating work ethic, teamwork and leadership. My strengths are in Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML and CSS. Up to date with modern frameworks and libraries.

Chris'S WORK



Tech startups looking to launch a product. Small businesses looking to improve or upgrade their product. Front-end design improvements. Businesses looking to upgrade to a modern website.


Graduate of Bitmaker Labs Full-Stack Development Program. 

“Chris is exceptionally hard working, very agile in his learning process, and very adaptable to change. He knows when to be a leader, and when to take a step back. He always does what’s right for the project.”

— Yihua Zhang, Co-Founder: Learnabli

Chris's Specializations

Web Development, Database architecture, Web Design, Back-end, Front-end, Ruby on Rails, Javascript

Chris's Location & Contact


Chris'S CLIENT RESUME, Mexis, Darcy English, Up Town Garage Doors

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