Cathy Jefferies

I’ve worked in production for over 15 years as an agency and post production producer.  I know how to balance the numbers and problem solve on the spot.  Most of my experience came from literally just doing the job and learning as I went.  Since then I’ve gotten my PMP certificate to solidify my skills.  My passion has always been for commercials but I've had the pleasure of working on movie titles and TV shows as well.  I also have a not so hidden tech side and am fascinated by watching things get made - and I like to break things so I can figure them out.  I love to test mobile apps before they are released in the app store.  I have a way of finding bugs in programming which is why I score high on the ‘attention to detail’.


Cathy's best fit

I’m looking to work with agencies,  brands or medium sized businesses.


Cathy's awards & accomplishments

Project Consent – Webby Awards (Winner Best Campaign), CAPMA Promo (gold & best in show) and Applied Arts

Monster Factory – Applied Arts and Epica Awards

Louisville Slugger – Atomic Awards (bronze) and Shopper Innovation Awards (gold)

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Cathy's Specializations

Producer/Project Manager (PMP): Post Production, Design, Motion Graphics, Animation and VFX

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Cathy's client resume

Home Hardware, Telus, Pillsbury, M&M’s, Sun Life, Meridian, Cadillac, Volkswagen, All Bran, Molson and RBC