Carissa MacLennan

I want to shake-up the way we do good by empowering others in the design of creative and innovative solutions that tackle root causes, rethink our systems, and produce a greater return on investment.  I’ve worked as a frontline youth worker, educator, and international development practitioner, leader and consultant – tackling social, environmental, and indigenous issues around the world.  The two things I love to do more than anything are: 1. Design strategies and programs with measurable impact and 2. Inspire and empower others to create change through facilitation and participatory program design. 

My approach is inclusive, collaborative, and dynamic.   

Let’s create strategic and transformative good together.


Carissa's best fit

Any philanthropist, business, foundation or non-profit interested in being more strategic and impactful with their efforts to do good.  Optimists who are outcome oriented, risk-takers, innovators and interested in being leaders in positive change.   


Carissa's awards & accomplishments

Master of Education, University of Western Ontario

International Human Rights Education Certificate, International Centre for Human Rights Education

Aboriginal Worldviews and Education Certificate, University of Toronto   

Packaged Products and Services

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Philanthropic Portfolio Development
  • Strategic Design and Thinking for Good
  • Change Management for Social & Environmental Change
  • Program Assessment and Design
  • Workshops and Facilitation

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Carissa's Specializations

Transformative Corporate Social Responsibility; Philanthropic Portfolio Development; Mission & Vision Alignment to Actions; Strategic Planning; Theory of Change, Design & Systems Thinking; Organizational Change Management for Good; Program Assessment, Design, Monitoring & Evaluation; Rights-Based Approaches; Workshop Design and Facilitation.  Content – Youth empowerment, sustainability, human rights, and education. 

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Carissa's client resume

University of Toronto - Munk School of Global Affairs, Jane Goodall Institute of Canada, Unicef Canada, Journalists for Human Rights