Brenden sommerhalder

I’m a Swiss Army knife for finding insights using rigourous primary quantitative research approaches. My background in applied psychology, advanced statistics, and research methods combined with my years of experience with marketing and public opinion put me at a unique cross-section: Not only do I deeply understand the ins and outs of research, but I also know the kinds of insights that can help lead to better decision-making.  

Whether you need a single study or to track results over time, to better define or understand your target audience, to test new product ideas or brand positions, or to learn more about your customers and employees, I will work with you to develop an end-to-end research program designed to get you the answers you need (and maybe some you weren’t expecting). 

I am an expert in helping organizations define and refine their research objectives and methods, survey instrument development and validation, survey user interface programming, sample procurement and fielding, data tabulation and advanced analytics (such as factor/segmentation analyses, regression modelling, conjoint analysis, and others), and interpreting data results into meaningful knowledge.  


brenden's Best Fit

We will be a match made in heaven if you have an appreciation for properly designed research and the curiosity to be open to what the results tell us. Whether you’re a brand new startup looking to define your target market or a seasoned company looking to add some rigour to your research (internal, market, or otherwise), we will have a great project together as long as these two conditions describe you. 


Working with Brenden is like adding an entire quantitative research department to your business. Brenden combines deep knowledge of statistics and research design with experience, intuition, and great communication. He always drives a project forward with us from beginning to end.
-Lianna Willoughby, Managing Director, Open Mind Strategy

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brenden's Specializations

Primary quantitative market research, advanced statistical analysis, survey design, sample procurement and management, strategic planning, brand positioning, marketing strategy, secondary analysis of business (market / consumer / sales, etc) data. 

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Open Mind Strategy, Empire Company Limited, Bell Aliant, HSBC, Workers Compensation Board of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Power, Halifax Water, NSLC, Haven Insights, Nova Scotia Tourism, Addictions Foundation of Manitoba