Bessy Nikolaou

Hello there! My name is Bessy. Well, my real name is Vasiliki, but growing up Greek in Halifax in the early 80s warranted a slight change in the name. I suppose it was complicated to some, so I simplified to Bessy. With a Y. Not IE.

I digress.

I get to do what I’m most passionate about—which is propelling revenue growth for clients through smart digital advertising campaigns.

I have over 17 years of experience as a data-driven digital marketer. I am a certified Google AdWords and Google Analytics professional, with a degree in Advanced Social Media Strategy from Syracuse University & Hootsuite. Working on the client side and the agency side, in every case, my job was to simplify complex marketing data into meaningful, actionable insights to drive business growth. 

For me, data and marketing go hand in hand. 

When I’m not geeking out over numbers and conversion rates, and developing made-to-order workshops for my clients, I spend my time exploring and enjoying the city I live in, or fantasizing about Kato Vasiliki, my village in Greece.  



Ready to start implementing smart digital advertising campaigns that earn tangible results while reducing waste? Then we should chat! 

With my guidance and strategies, we can analyze and action your data to develop digital and web marketing plans to help you succeed. Simply contact me today to get started.

Bessy is a seasoned digital marketer. She’s overseen more bluechip campaigns and has more years of experience than anyone on the East Coast. Her experience and ability to deliver for her clients is unmatched in the region.
— Greg Poirier President CloudKettle

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Bessy's Specializations

Digital strategies, Digital marketing workshops, Google AdWords/PPC campaigns (beginning in Beta in 2000), Social media strategies, Ecommerce and SEO initiatives, Competitor analysis, Comprehensive keyword research, PPC and AdWords campaign management strategies, Ad content creation, A/B testing & conversion rate optimization (CRO), Landing page optimization strategies, Ad optimizations, Conversion tracking, Monthly analysis & reporting

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TUCOWS, Hover (nee Domain Direct), The Star / Torstar Digital, Workopolis, Harlequin, Bell Aliant, Atlantic Lottery, Irving, Moosehead, The Moneyfinder