I  believe that creativity is a powerful tool that can be used to facilitate learning and cultivate good work. I draw on my creativity and graphic skills to capture and present ideas that flow out of workshops, meetings, seminars, conferences and more. 


Your VERY hard work, and awesome pictures, blew them away! You really nailed how I wanted the idea to be expressed! Experiencing this visual format impressed on people the value of your talents! There is power in the images you create; and I am very blessed to have found you, and the talents you bring to the world. Amazing!
— Laura Mather (POW Learning Solutions)
Your work is an inspiring alternative to the traditional, top-down methods of recording. It’s fun to watch you transcribing living ideas in a lovely graphic representation with connections and approach-ability.
— Chris Andrews (workshop participant)

Ashton's Specializations

Visual Design, Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitation, Explainer Video Creation

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Highliner Foods Lunenburg, POW Learning Solutions, Youth Art Connection, NOW Lunenburg County, Community Sector Council, HeartWood Centre of Community Youth Development, Bridgewater Development Association, Better Together Family Resource Centre, Co3, Flourish: Family Well-Being Society, Dalhousie University, Business Retention Expansion International, South Shore Community Justice Society


IFVP Scholarship winner 2015

Ashton's BEST FIT

Companies that are wanting to develop presentations that are succinct, strategic, and beautiful with the most impact. Anyone who values clean, consistent design, and great collaboration. 


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