Anthony balmforth

I'm passionate about creating films that give brands a personality and allow them to connect with their audiences.

Ever since I was a child I've been obsessed with story telling. Being able to combine this passion with my love for tech and film has enabled me to forge a career that I am proud of, and get great enjoyment from.

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I like working with clients to maximize the potential in video marketing. I work with marketing experts, or I can work with other creatives to help tell stories by creating engaging and compelling video.


"Anthony developed a series of training videos for us. He was great to work with - reliable, proactive, and our client was very happy with the results"

-Trevor Crozier, Director of

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Video production, ideation, planning, budgeting, cinematography, content creation, video editing, post production, motion graphics, animation, graphic design, directing, project managing, photography, photo retouching, colour correction, web design, web development, video live stream

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Core Education, GSL promotus, ALC Apparel, Speedmagnet, CANARTS, 90 seconds, RobertWalters, Rotiform wheels, NZ dental association, Xperts