Allan Carver

I love exploring the potential of ideas. I got a design degree from NSCAD, worked in traditional advertising for years, and realized it doesn't work any more. So I built a workshop and started making the off-the-wall projects in my head. These are the ones that I was always told were impossible, or "bigger than the budget". They're not. Everything is possible.

So far, I built the Bubble Bike and RoboRex (a giant metal dinosaur) featured by the Discovery Centre, mammoth T-Rex costumes for Little Ray's Reptiles, treehouse geodesic dome for Cabot Shores, Fire Safety 3D projections for Johnson Insurance, and lots more. Essentially, I create stuff that gets people to pull out their phone to capture the moment. 

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Client's who see the cup as half full and are willing to explore the full potential of creative content. 


ADDY Awards, Marketing Awards, Ice Awards, Summit Awards, One Show finalist, Extra Awards, Mobius Awards… honestly, I've won a ton of them, and I don't care about them. 

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Creative strategy, Copywriting, Advertising, Branding, Creative and Experiential Concept Development, Experiential Production and Execution

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Johnson Insurance, Discovery Centre, Museum of Natural History, Little Ray's Reptiles, Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort, Atlantic Lottery, Noble Grape… I could go on, but would you read them all? Probably not. But I've worked with both big and small, local and international, big budgets and little ones. In every case, when I'm working with a client, they are the center of my focus.