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'Well Placed'


With 'Well Placed' we've curated and vetted hundreds of specialists that have entirely different motivations and experiences than that of the career specialists that make up the project side of The Well. Fill your positional needs, with exceptional talent, in as little as 24 hours.

Created after talking to marketing and technical resource managers across Canada about the pitfalls and the pain points that come with recruiting for marketing, advertising, communications and technological talents, 'Well Placed' represents qualified individuals who are ready to work with you right away. Within 24hrs of your request you'll be presented with three candidates who have been vetted for portfolio authenticity, references, experience, personality, cultural fit and price point who are ready to get right to work. There's no need for a pause on your organizational marketing for the 3-12 weeks it takes to fill a marketing role. 'Well Placed' allows you to continue to meet your marketing, advertising, communications and technological requirements while auditioning a potential keeper.

'Well Placed' is designed to meet real, painful, hiring pitfalls head-on

No matter how many interviews you conduct you never know what you've got until you work with someone. With 'Well Placed' you eliminate the risk of hiring based solely on a portfolio and interview only to discover the candidate can't keep your organization's pace or standards. Never again will you use an immediate need to make a long-term hire with the best intentions only to find out you don't have much for them to do afterwards. Or perhaps you've fallen victim in the past to having someone perform exceptionally in the interview, only to discover over the course of a few weeks there was a Mr. Hyde in that Dr. Jekyll. With 'Well Placed' there are no lost timelines in terms of meeting your organizations marketing needs, no costly HR requirements or severance packages. The engagement simply ends on your terms. 

 When you work with 'Well Placed' specialists, you just pay the for their time as a consultant, all the while building up credit against the eventual hiring fee applied to this or any other specialist.  For every month you test drive someone's abilities for a specific position, you gain a credit of $1,000 CAD (to a maximum of $3,000) to put against the 15% (one year annual salary) hiring fee, applied when a full-time offer is accepted. 


Strategists & Managers

Marketing managers, VP's of marketing, media planners, social media strategists, PR & communications officers, digital strategists, stakeholder relations, investor relations, behavioural economists, consumer experience strategists, digital consumer experience strategists, UX planners, campaign managers, project managers, inbound marketing managers, content marketing managers, retail project managers, brand managers, consumer research professionals etc.

Creatives & Content Creators

Designers, art directors, creative directors, illustrators, animators, motion graphics professionals, digital designers, UI/UX designers, app designers, copy writers, editors, editorial writers, seo and digital writers, technical writers, plain language writers, script writers, communications professionals, translators, content creators, videographers, photographers, editors, directors, DOP's, VFX, etc.

Developers & Technologists

Front-end developers, Java Script developers, React, Nodejs and Angular developers. IOS and Android developers, backend devs and system administrators, software developers, web developers, Drupal and Wordpress developers, analytics managers, data scientists, data wranglers, analysts, digital project managers, digital asset managers etc.

Make a 'Well Placed' hire

All of our available 'Well Placed' talent profiles are password protected to remove any risk of overbooking, misinterpretations of skill sets resulting miscasts. Tell us a little about you and the position you're looking to fill and one of our specialist talent agents will be in touch to build a curated candidate pool just for you. And not to worry, submitting this form does not come with obligation or cost. It's simply our first step in triaging the situation and working with you to make sure we're recommending the right skill set's and more importantly the right cultural and emotional fits for your team.



Well Placed allows employers to 'Try-before-you-buy"

Get three qualified candidates, in a matter of days, who are available to start tomorrow.

Eliminate costly mis-steps and long expensive hiring processes

Continue to get your team and business needs met, while auditioning new talent for permanent roles.

Pay the candidate as a freelancer until you know it's a fit.

Everyone gets to see each other's true colours throughout the process

Use a freelancer as long as you like - building a $1000 credit against any permanent placement fee ($250/week credit up to $3000

Get stronger, long-term hires as a result


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