'Well Assembled' 


Corporate communications, integrated advertising campaigns, application development – larger projects often require more specialists to see them through successfully. There is no “I” in “team” and there is no “I” in The Well. For this reason, we have Well Assembled, a facet of The Well that allows companies to be matched with an entire team of people suited to work on their project.

Search for and connect with teams of specialists who have proven track records, references, portfolios and case studies that are their own -  meaning you never risk engaging with a team based on credentials and accomplishments of talents who are no longer with the company or who won’t be working on your project. 

The answer to the question “How do I know these folks can work together?” Well Assembled represents an evolution in the specialist economy - discipline focused teams that deliver. Well Assembled provides you access to teams that have a track record of already working together. There is no account manager to go through or unnecessary components involved. Each specialist is paid fairly for their work within the team and 85-90% of all fees paid go directly to the specialists themselves. Well Assembled is an alternative to the traditional agency where the teams are pre-formed and have a proven success rate. The teams are organized based on discipline, efficiencies and previous compilation work.

When you choose a Well Assembled team there are no markups or overheads that are often associated with traditional agencies. The agility and accountability, both to timelines and budgets are virtually unmatched when you tap into The Well. Moreover, your budget typically goes three-to-four times further without sacrificing quality or experience. You are granted a team that can work on-site with your team on everything from corporate communications, customer experience, user experience, ad campaigns, commercialization, PR and crisis management, digital communications etc. Each team, made up of approved and vetted project specialists, has a track record and the proof points that come with working together to see client projects through from start to finish.