'The WEll'


More Agent than “Agency” The Well has curated an extensively vetted high-caliber marketing, advertising, communications and technology specialists that can be accessed on your terms - as needed, when needed, where needed throughout Canada. Select one individual to fulfill a short-term role or many Well talents to manage and execute projects and campaigns from start to finish.

As businesses and marketing departments are embracing the higher work quality, efficiency and budgetary benefits of working with highly experienced specialists, there is a new need arising – someone to vouch for legitimacy of skills, portfolio, dedication and accountability.

No hobbyists. No first timers. No moonlighters. And, the utmost care has been taken to ensure that our project specialists are career, high performing freelancers – so that you’ll never risk losing your favourite talents to job offers or disappearing acts. The Well has no fat to trim, no account managers, no ride-along positions and our sustainable compensation model means everyone is paid fairly for their craft - with 85-90% of all fees paid going directly to the specialists you've chosen to work with.


Quick Engagements:

You've got this. The details are handled, or maybe you just have a smaller, simple engagement. or maybe you're prepping for something larger.  We don't hide our talents - take a look under each category and peer into the personalities and skill sets that best suit your need and reach out directly.

complex engagements:

For complex or deep detailed projects, quick needs, rescue missions or fill-in positions waste no time by connecting with a Well Talent Specialist at no cost (ever) who will work with you to triage the situation and match you up immediately with the specialists that fit your skill requirements, timelines and budgets.

On Your Terms

Working with Well specialists means working directly with the talent – without account managers or interpreters in the way, taking up extra billings and introducing games of telephone.  We’ve gone the experience route and recognize that simply being talented doesn’t necessarily equate to being a good career freelancer. With Well project specialists, there is no need for the ad ons. Take control of projects as the project manager, or opt to add one to your Well team… whatever the case, the agility, care and personal interactions is what makes The Well work for modern day marketing teams.

The perfect amount of ‘cooks’ in your kitchen.

Budgets and Billing

When you work with The Well you aren’t subjected to mark-ups or any kind of “add-ons”. Working with any number of specialists for any project, the specialist themselves do all the quoting so that the number you receive as a quote is the only number you need to worry about... Even when working with a number of specialists on single project.

Just like a talent agent, specialists pay a portion back into The Well for every project they do which means your estimate is your estimate.

No surprises.  Ever.



We rarely speak in terms of minimum requirements – but sometimes it’s the only way to get the message through loud and clear.  To be considered into The Well project talents division, specialists must first demonstrate a dedication to their craft and their brand through having a minimum of two years of managing their own full-time freelance practice without interruption.  This isn’t a parking lot or holding ground for talents looking for their next full time gig. Rather, we look for goals and character traits in talents that are the result of a dogged pursuit of a expanding one’s specialist business.  This is the first step in becoming a Well specialist followed by a three step portfolio and credential vetting that involves both Well talent specialists as well as disciplinary peers.