More agent than agency, The Well has curated extensively vetted high-calibre marketing, advertising, communications and technology specialists and consultants that can be accessed on your terms, as needed, when needed, where needed.

As businesses and marketing departments are embracing the greater work quality, efficiency, and budgetary benefits of working with highly experienced specialists, there is a new need arising: Someone to vouch for legitimacy of skills, portfolio, dedication and accountability.

How it works 

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+ Vetting

To be considered into The Well Project Specialists division, talent must:

  • Demonstrate a dedication to their craft and brand with a minimum of three (3) years of managing their own full-time freelance practice without interruption
  • Undergo a three-step portfolio and credential inspection in which references and work is thoroughly checked
  • Be a career freelancer with the education/background necessary to excel in their chosen field

+ Bills & Budgets

There are no surprises when you when you work with The Well. You aren’t subjected to mark-ups or add-ons as the specialists themselves take care of quoting (the number you receive as a quote is the only number you need to worry about).

You can reach out to specialists yourself or connect with a Well Talent Manager at no cost (ever) who will work with you to match you up immediately with the specialists that fit your skill requirements, timelines and budgets.


+ On Your Terms

Working with Well specialists and consultants means working directly with the talent without account managers or interpreters in the way taking up extra billings and delaying the project. You can take control of projects as the project manager or opt to add one to your Well team.

The agility, care and personal interactions are what allow The Well to work for modern day marketing teams. Our sustainable compensation model means everyone is paid fairly for their craft with 85-90% of all fees paid going directly to the specialist you've chosen to work with.

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