Today’s business environment requires marketers to work faster, smarter, and more economical. And yet in the world of advertising, this shift has been slow to happen. Ad Agencies may be working a bit leaner, but the client experience just hasn’t caught up. If you’ve experienced the typical ad agency environment you’ll be familiar with the standard high costs, lengthy timelines, and layers of bodies on each project, no matter how basic. 


The Well is disrupting this longstanding model. With a deep pool of specialists, The Well’s objective is to build a bridge between businesses and the talent they need.


Boasting a roster of experienced, carefully vetted freelance professionals across Canada, The US and the UK, The Well helps clients hand-pick their creative talent, and build project-specific teams on an as-needed basis. In short, they get the high-level work they might get from an agency with little of the overhead or bloated process. 


Sammy Davis, founder of The Well, “This is the new reality we are working in, and I think it demands a real shift in the way we approach the business of creative. Top-notch talent at a wholesale price should be available to everyone.”